Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re having an issue with the ‘Late Shift’ app, please try to find an answer in the FAQs. You can’t find what you were looking for? Please contact us for support and we’ll do our best to assist you.

The app says, that my in-app purchase is invalid. What now?

When you update from an older version of the app, it can happen on Apple platforms, that the receipt inside the app is too old and needs to be refreshed to be recognized. The safest cause of action is to delete the app and re-download it from the App Store. Then inside to app, tap on "Restore Purchase" to restore your in-app purchase and unlock all episodes.

Where and when can I participate in an interactive cinema screening?

You’ll find a list of interactive cinema screenings here.

On which platforms is the app available?

For the time being, ‘Late Shift’ is available for iOS and tvOS devices on the AppStore. An Android version is in the works and you can pre-register here to be among the first to download it. Late Shift is also available on Steam, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Can ‘Late Shift’ be watched/played on a computer or on TV?

Yes. It is available on AppleTV and we are gradually increasing the number of platforms that support the ‘Late Shift’ experience.

I can’t find the ‘Late Shift’ movie on iTunes – why?

Because it is not just a movie – it is an interactive movie, which you can get in the form of a mobile app. Therefore, you’ll find ‘Late Shift’ exclusively on the AppStore.

Why can I only watch the first episode? Why is the rest locked?

The Late Shift interactive movie app is free to download and includes the first chapter-style episode, enabling players to launch straight in to the action. For all budding storytellers wanting more, the remaining Late Shift universe is available as a single download via In-App-Purchase (IAP). All or part of the story can be replayed again and again at any time, as the player discovers new twists and turns to keep them hooked.

So, I have to pay for each additional episode?

No, with the single download via In-App-Purchase (IAP) you get the whole movie and you can watch it again and again.

The app necessitates so much storage space on my device! Are you joking?

We’re not joking as we take the fact that many people have limited storage space on their devices very seriously. The 4,7 GB storage space may seem like a lot, but it actually isn’t in comparison to a movie you would download from iTunes. ‘Late Shift’ offers a total of more than 4 hours of high-quality and high-res film and there is currently no way to further compress the respective data.

Can I pause the movie?

Yes, you certainly can and you won’t lose your progress. Use the two-finger tap gesture to pause the movie, change subtitles settings or exit to the main menu. When you want to continue, tap the play icon the resume. The app might have to jump back a little bit in the movie to be able to retrieve your progress.

Argh, I don’t like the decisions I took … Can I jump back?

Yes, you can jump back to the beginning of any previous episode. Just be aware that you will lose your progress between the point you choose to jump back to and where you left the story.

Is ‘Late Shift’ fake? The decisions I take don’t seem to have a big impact on the story.

In certain cases, especially at the beginning of the experience, decisions don’t seem to have a lot of impact and you might get the feeling of being pushed back on a linear path of the story. But this is definitely not the case and there are many decision points, which change the storyline substantially. Firstly, we had to build up the plot until to a decisive moment in the story and the story tree will branch up more beyond this point. Secondly, some of your decisions are stored as variables in the background and can have an important impact later on in the story. Your decisions matter – always.

You say there are seven different endings but I only found five? My friend pretends he found eight endings … W… t… f…!?

Technically it’s hard to say how many endings there really are. Depending on how you count them, you could even come to up to nine endings… Sometimes the outcome is very similar, but you might have taken a significantly different path to the ending and experienced a variation of the storyline. But we believe that at least seven endings are different enough to say that it’s a different story.

One of the locked episodes disappeared from the overview. What’s wrong?

Everything is fine, nothing is wrong. In the episode overview in the main menu episodes are displayed based on a default path through the multi-optional story. As a consequence of your decisions you might have chosen a different path and thus discovered a hidden episode. Consequently, the default episode is not being displayed any more.

I have downloaded all episodes according to the media manager. But some of them I haven’t been able to experience. Why?

In one play-through of ‘Late Shift’ you will never experience all episodes, as there are parallel, exclusive episodes. You’ll have to play again and take other decisions in order to discover the “hidden” episodes.

Can I change language or subtitles?

‘Late Shift’ is only available in English but you can choose English and a lot of foreign language subtitles, which also changes the language of the buttons used for decision making. You can access the settings by tapping the respective icon in the main menu.

If your ‘Late Shift’ app is not working as it should, maybe try force quitting and restarting it. If that doesn’t help, try to do a reinstall of the app. Delete the app on your device and go to the AppStore to reinstall it.

If you are still having an issue with your ‘Late Shift’ app, get in touch! We’ll do everything we can to assist you.

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