Unmatched Technology

The ultimate combination of film and game

Multiple stories

Totally cinematic

Seamless playback

The CtrlMovie ecosystem is a one-stop-shop for interactive content. It gives filmmakers and content creators the complete toolset to tell branched narrative stories in a truly cinematic way. From our proprietary writing and reading tools, to our editing system and delivery formats, the CtrlMovie platform makes interactive content easy.

Get a feel for it

«Late Shift» is the world’s first feature-length interactive film created entirely with the CtrlMovie technology. «Late Shift» is currently available on the Apple App Store, AppleTV, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and Steam.

Platform Agnostic

CtrlMovie can be featured on any platform.


CtrlMovies can be played in movie theaters for a collective audience-collaborative experience. Let the cinema audience decide! Using a simple, yet elegant app on participants’ cell phones, viewers vote to decide what characters will do at pivotal points in the narrative.

Home Entertainment / Streaming

From download to streaming, watching CtrlMovies at home is simple. CtrlMovies can be distributed on nearly any device or platform and can support both single and multiplayer modes.


CtrlMovie is the only interactive technology that can work on broadcast/satellite TV. Networks can create a “must-see” event that reaches millions of people all at once.


Don’t forget: you can always create a conventional linear version of your CtrlMovie. Simply stick to one of the many possible storylines and you’re ready for all conventional distribution channels, be it cinema, TV, VOD, DVD, etc.


What CtrlMovie allows you to do.


Display buttons during playback allow the user to influence the story.

Dynamic Jump Actions

Easily jump between segments to an exact timecode, within a time frame or by user actions.

Swipe Mode

Allow users to look around in the film by manipulating the onscreen image with swipe gestures.

Animated Mask

Make objects in the film tappable with unlimited numbers of animated masks.


Store user decisions as variables to retrieve them later for maximum effect on the story.


Use short lua scripts to evaluate former actions of the user and to influence the storyline.

Separate Audio

Add multiple audio tracks, independent from the video segments and jump actions.

Dynamic Overlays

Use the advantage of displaying browser windows and other interactive elements on top of the movie during playback.


Easily add subtitles to support a wider audience.


Technology for filmmakers created by filmmakers.

CtrlMovie is a full-service toolset for professional filmmakers who are interested in creating branched narrative stories. It enables anyone to be able to create and distribute participative films for theatrical release as well as home and mobile entertainment.

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