CtrlMovie Cinema

The Complete Theatrical Solution

Integrated Media Block

  • Introducing an innovative DCI certified Integrated Media Block (IMB) for interactive cinema. The IMB seamlessly integrates with existing systems, compatible with various projectors, and offers up to 8 TB of storage. It enables interactive movie experiences, transforming the cinema industry with enhanced engagement and retention.

    DCI MXF 4K / 2K playback
    3D Processing (Dolby 3D, RealD)
    A/V Forensic Marking (Civolution)
    SMPTE/CineCanvas/3D Subtitle Rendering
    HFR support
    CtrlMovie® playback

    FIPS 140-2 compliant / DCI certified IMB
    Full-featured Hardware Security Manager
    AES 128 Decryption

    Gigabit ethernet to central server local/remote administration Compatible with all Series II projectors boxed media block for Series I projectors

    IMB Interface, DLP Cinema Series 2
      (PCIe Board Edge)
    16ch Audio OUT RJ45 (DB25 option)
    Sync IN/OUT, TC OUT (BNC option)
    GPIO (option)

    JPEG2000 decoder (ISO/IEC 15444-1)
    12 bit X’Y’Z’, DCI-compliant
    4K@24fps, 2K@24fps
    AFR: 4K@25/30fps,
    ExtFR: 3D@2K@60fps, 2K@120fps

    64ch to 16ch downmix (CtrlMovie)
    PCM, 24bit, 96kHz
    5.1/7.1 to stereo downmix

Innovative Screen Management

The CtrlMovie IMB includes an advanced Screen Management System (SMS) that supports both interactive and linear media playback. It seamlessly integrates with popular Theater Management Systems like Arts Alliance Media Screenwriter and UniqueX Rosetta Bridge. The SMS is also compatible with a range of projectors from Barco, Christie, and NEC (Series 2, 3, and 4). Additionally, it offers automation for auditorium fixtures, including lights, screens, and curtains, enhancing the overall cinema experience.

Agile Production & Delivery

CtrlMovie Packager software simplifies the creation and delivery of interactive and linear Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) optimized for CtrlMovie IMB playback. It offers a user-friendly interface for encoding, localization, and Key Delivery Message (KDM) creation, making it perfect for creating interactive movies, documentaries, trailers, and ads from CtrlMovie content or Prores media.