Frequently Asked Questions

CtrlMovie is not the first and not the only tech solution for interactive movies. What’s so special about it?

You’re right, there are other solutions out there. But CtrlMovie is the only solution that offers everything to create a fully cinematic experience. With CtrlMovie you get features like the dynamic jump actions or separate audio tracks which allow for an uninterrupted, seamless playback of your movie. Further, CtrlMovie distribution channels are not limited to the web or mobile devices. Your film can be published for theatres, home entertainment and mobile devices.

I am a filmmaker. Can I make my own CtrlMovie?

Generally speaking: yes. In a first phase we’re rolling out the technology to a select few filmmakers, but this circle will open up with time. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

We’re a film school. Can our students work with CtrlMovie?

We love the next generation of filmmakers to try out our tech. Please contact us to discuss how we could help your school.

I have a lot of GoPro footage. Can I make my own CtrlMovie in my spare time? Is your authoring tool available online?

We’re sorry, no. We care about professional filmmaking involving proper screenwriting, character-driven narratives, cinematic execution and that kind of stuff.

Can CtrlMovie be used for branded entertainment?

Absolutely. It’s an unseen format which excites people times and again. And with the ability to make anything in the film tappable the format lends itself just perfectly to branded entertainment.

Multiple storylines means multiplied budgets. Won’t I have to finance and shoot 17 movies in order to get my one CtrlMovie done?

Of course you could, but it’s not necessary. In our experience it suffices to shoot 3-4 times the average running time of a linear movie. And when doing so you’ll encounter a great deal of synergies when scheduling your shoot as most scenes will defer only slightly from one another. So, yes: your budget will increase but it certainly won’t explode.

I am a copycat. Was it difficult to make this awesome app?

Just a piece of cake! We swear!

Did you patent this invention?

Sorry, yes we did.

Still having problems?