Cinema 4K

The Professional Theatrical Solution

CtrlMovie Cinema 4K is the professional solution for high quality interactive movie playback in theaters and public venues.

The fully integrated system plays CtrlMovies in DCP quality and supports all standard resolutions from HD to 4K. It provides language support for subtitles and decision points and handles the real-time audience voting process.

As the installation takes only a few minutes, the player can be flexibly moved from screen to screen according to user demand.

Audience members conveniently connect to the screening by scanning a QR code, which is displayed at the start of the screening or on separate screens situated e.g. at the entrance to the auditorium.

Technical Specifications

Video Output
Playback resolution follows output format of ingested CtrlMovie file.

HD 1080 @ 24/25/30p
DCI 2K @ 24/25/30p
UHD 2160 @ 24/25/30p
DCI 4K @ 24/25/30p
HDMI (2.0a):
HD 720/1080 @ 24/25/30p
UHD 2160 @ 24/25/30p
REC 701, REC 2020
8, 10-bit YUV 4-2-2

Audio Output
Audio embedded in SDI and HDMI signal:

5.1 (L R C LFE Ls Rs)
7.1 (L R C LFE Lss Rss Lrs Rrs)
L/R (mixdown)

Interactive playback requires Internet access via a hardwired ethernet connection with a minimum bandwidth of 5mbps.

110-230V 50-60Hz AC

19” x 3.5” x 10.5” (482 x 89 x 265mm) The device is rack-mountable and requires two rack units in height.

2TB SSD (or approx. 5 CtrlMovies)

CtrlMovie files can be ingested by connecting a suitable hard drive to one of the USB 3.2 ports.

CtrlMovie Cinema 4K can be operated entirely from the 5.5” touch screen. For set-up, test images (color bars, aspect ratio chart) and sound test files can be played back.

Playback can be sheduled online.

Client Voting
Audience members connect to the screening by scanning a QR code using their smartphone’s camera app or the CtrlMovie app, which is available for free for iOS and Android. Their smartphones require Internet access during the entire screening. It can be provided via Wifi or mobile data (4G, LTE, 5G).