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CtrlMovie is an international company that connects the film & gaming industries around the globe.

We do not only offer our technologies and services to third-party manufacturers. We are vertically active ourselves. We take care of the entire production and development cycle: from technology development to content creation, production and distribution. For this we work with a tech team in Germany and a film team in Los Angeles.

Why we do it - Our goal is to establish a film format that fits in with the lively sharing and social culture of the new generation: film as an event experience.

If you believe in your talent, your knowledge and your enthusiasm and you can imagine that we are a good match, then apply now.

DevOps Engineer / Sysadmin

We are looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer to build and maintain the CtrlMovie cloud infrastructure. You maintain a variety of websites and web services, which support our apps and games. From building cloud architecture concepts to configuring, automating and updating servers, you are proficient and knowledgable in how to scale up while keeping hosting costs low. You are up-to-date with latest developments in software security and you’re able to extract key metrics and monitor and visualize system health.


  • Deployment of containerised micro services
  • Efficient management of cloud infrastructure resources
  • Automating service monitoring and service health management
  • Visualising infrastructure and service metrics using various graphing tools
  • Staging and Release management as well as rollout
  • Work closely with senior architects and software developers
  • Evaluate and deploy security solutions


  • 2+ years of development experience in a related environment
  • 1+ years of experience in cloud infrastructure security engineering
  • Advanced proficiency with DevOps automation and Shell scripting
  • Working experience in cloud-based application architectures, micro services, and distributed systems including hands-on experience with a cloud platform such as AWS or container technologies.
  • Experience in developing, deploying, monitoring and building large distributed and parallel systems using container technology
  • Knowledge of industry wide technology trends and best practices
  • AWS professional certification is preferred


  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, AWS EKS, AWS Fargate
  • Experience with Deployment of Nginx, MySQL, PHP, Node.js, Redis
  • Experience in Automation (GIT, Jenkins, Travis, Jira)
  • Experience in Networking (Protocols, Load balancing, troubleshooting), deployment & configuration management

Ludwigsburg, Germany

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